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Paul Cummings' long awaited book, It All Matters is COMING SOON!

Pre-Order it NOW! - Release date is October 9th!

While sitting at a picnic table with his grandfather, George W. Cummings Sr., in Conway, Arkansas, Paul had a conversation that completely changed the course of his life. That conversation was a defining moment on his journey and became his “tipping point” that set in motion, a decision that ultimately impacted the rest of his life.  A statement, a story, a quote, or even an unexpected life experience, can be that moment, when “It” all changes for you. That’s exactly what happened to Paul, and it helped lead him towards experiencing a life that was full of confidence, clarity, certainty, and creativity.

Join Paul as he shares this incredible story that is filled with humor, timeless truths and the many life lessons that he learned along the way.  As you read and complete the many activities throughout the book, Paul will become your personal mentor as he challenges you to find your “It”…inspires you to define your “All”… and he encourages you to join him on a journey towards greatness, so that you too can fulfill your dreams and purposes and begin to live a life that truly matters.