Sustaining Excellence Retreat Ticket

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Where:  Level 10 Retreat Center, Wildwood, Georgia

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During this inspirational experience, you will learn firsthand how to turn proven leadership strategies into immediate results through study and hands-on instruction. Each course topic will prepare you to change your habits and attitude, resulting in the ability to make positive and rewarding opportunities.

Paul Cummings combines common sense philosophy, with concrete course study and an intense intellectual workout. This creates a dynamic educational environment that will keep you focused on learning. Be prepared to come together as one team, relying on others to define your level of success.

Business owners, General Managers and Managers will significantly strengthen the core of their organization by learning the fundamentals of how to effectively sustain a positive and productive team synergy. They will be responsible to initiate a strategy for success, by instilling shared philosophies, then set personal milestones that will ultimately allow their organization to realize their business goals.

*The workshop fee is per person and includes registration, materials, double occupancy lodging and meals. Airfare, travel and transportation expenses are not included in the workshop.

 If you are interested in booking a group of six please call us at 1.800.823.7698 and ask about our special group pricing.