The Level 10 Experience Training System (DVD and Audio CD combo set)

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Paul Cummings’ The Level Ten Experience Training System, is now available on DVD.

Originally manufactured only on VHS, we have now produced this information packed series on DVD because of countless requests. A 60 segment video series in 4 Volumes – 10 hours of powerful training for today’s information customer.

Broken down into 10 minute segments, this one series will provide a complete year’s worth of cutting edge training.

Your Level 10 training program includes:

12 DVDs with 60 individual training segments (10 hours of powerful training)
12 Audio CDs with all 60 sessions to review at home or on the road
1 Leader’s Transcript Booklet set (word for word transcript of every segment)
The Level 10 Training Experience – 60 Ten Minute Customer Driven Training Segments
Vol. I – Motivational Medicine for The Soul
Vol. 2 – Action Ideas That Work
Vol. 3 – Profound Knowledge
Vol. 4 – Surgeon’s Tools That Ensure Success

Current users can call 1-877-Level-10 for special VHS System trade-in pricing!