The Player Playbook Tabbed Binder

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Now each of your valued team members can have their own copy of the Player Playbook! This valuable 75 page tabbed binder includes the toolkits needed to learn, teach, develop and sustain the best qualities in every one of your team members on their journey to becoming an “A” Player.

It includes:

    1. The Relationship Toolkit

    1. Dream Discovery Toolkit

    1. Greatest Influences; Centers of Influence Toolkit

    1. The K.A.S.H. Analysis Toolkit

    1. The Strength Analysis Toolkit

    1. The Improvement Priority Toolkit

    1. The Player Evaluation Toolkit

  1. Goals and Action Plan Toolkit


Plus, you get the complete implementation steps and coaching tips. Each book includes a CD-ROM with additional forms, information and printable support materials.